A taste of Sugar on any device

With Sugarizer, you can discover the Sugar Learning Platform on any device

Used every day by nearly 3 million children around the world, Sugar is a leading learning platform developed for the One Laptop per Child project. With Sugarizer, it's now on your device.

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Sugarizer is distributed in the form of 3 components:

Thin client

It could work on any device with a recent Chrome/Chromium version, and has also been tested successfully on Firefox, Safari and IE. Sugarizer Thin Client doesn't need any installation on the device but requires a permanent access to a Sugarizer Server.


Sugarizer installed locally on the device so it does not require any access to the Server - it works stand-alone. Sugarizer Client is available for PC/MacOS, for Android, iOS and Chrome Web App.


Sugarizer Server is the back-end for network features of Sugarizer. It expose locally Thin Client so allow deployment of Sugarizer on a local server, for example on a school server. Sugarizer Server can also be used to provide collaboration features for Client and Thin Client on the network.

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